I’m not really sure whether these should be called bible verse activity sheets or coloring sheets or puzzles… they can be anything you want them to be! I designed activity sheets with each night’s bible verse on it. There are 4 options for each night – coloring book font 9 piece puzzle, bold font 9 piece puzzle, coloring book font 20 piece puzzle and bold font 20 piece puzzle. The blank puzzle templates were from here and the daily bible buddies from Group are featured in the background of each day’s activity sheet.

Cave Quest VBS Bible Verse Activity Sheets - BorrowedBlessingsnet - Title

Activity sheet templates {below}
Construction paper {various colors}
Coloring supplies {markers/crayons/whatever you have on hand}
Ziploc bags
Permanent marker {to label kids’ bags}

Step-by-step instructions may seem a little redundant for a coloring sheet but here are the things that worked best for me….

Frugal Cave Quest VBS Crafts - Activity Sheet Puzzles 1 - BorrowedBlessings
1. Print bible verse activity sheets
You can choose from the ones I created or download the blanks and change the verse to fit your needs.

2. Trim around the edge of the puzzle
The paper will have a white border around the puzzle. You want to trim that off so your construction paper shows around the edges.

3. Color the activity sheet {optional}
You can really fit this craft to your needs… if you need it to be quick, skip the fancy crafting and whip out crayons and markers {or even skip this step altogether}. If you have more time to fill, get as fancy as you want! Glitter glue, anyone?

Frugal Cave Quest VBS Crafts - Activity Sheet Puzzles 2 - BorrowedBlessings
4. Glue to construction paper
I printed the activity sheets on regular copy paper, so they were super flimsy. Adding the construction paper backer strengthens the puzzle. Bonus: if you leave a border around the edge like I did, the construction paper will help younger kiddos figure out where the pieces go {corners will have 2 sizes with construction paper showing}. This may be more difficult if you chose to use the glitter glue on step 2.

Frugal Cave Quest VBS Crafts - Activity Sheet Puzzles 3 - BorrowedBlessings
5. Cut the pieces
Younger kiddos may need help with this step. Even if they end up not cutting exactly on the lines, that’s okay. Their puzzle will still fit together – it’ll just be a more impressionist-style puzzle!

*Make sure you have sandwich size Ziploc bags so kids can keep their pieces together, then remember to label each bag with the kid’s name.*

Frugal Cave Quest VBS Crafts - Activity Sheet Puzzles 4 - BorrowedBlessings

That’s it – how simple was that?! Most churches have coloring supplies, scissors and glue on hand so your only cost will be the paper and Ziploc bags {and glue/scissors if you don’t have them}. Yay for crafts that cost pennies like the bible verse activity sheet!

To use these templates, just click on any image to enlarge it then right click and save that activity sheet to your computer.  I’d suggest printing them full page size, but you can print them smaller if needbe.

Can you tell I was the crafts leader last year? I was definitely gifted with a crafty/artistic side {aka I enjoy hoarding things that could be used for some project sometime}. Check out the whole list of Frugal Cave Quest Craft Ideas here! For more ideas, make sure to follow my VBS boards: Cave Quest, Cave Inspiration, VBS Craft Ideas and Director Goodies.

Thanks for visiting!  If you know others using the Cave Quest curriculum, share this post with them using the links below.  Make sure to follow Borrowed Blessings at the top of the page for more Cave Quest VBS ideas!  This post contains affiliate links, where I make a small percentage if you purchase through my link.  You pay the normal Amazon prices.

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  1. Amanda Reply

    Would you be willing to share what font you used to create your activity sheets? Thank you.

    • Borrowed Blessings {Kara}

      Absolutely! 🙂 The filled in letters are Chelsea Market (on PicMonkey). The outlined letters are KG Shake It Off Outline (downloaded from 1001fonts and used on PicMonkey).

  2. Erin Reply

    How do you print the puzzle without the “Borrowed Blessings” header at the top? It is only printing the top half of the puzzle because of the header taking up too much space.

    • Borrowed Blessings {Kara}

      Hey Erin! If you click on each puzzle and it gets larger {the page that still shows Borrowed Blessings large at the top}, right click the puzzle and choose “Save As”. This will save the puzzle on your computer. Then you can go to where you saved it on the computer {Desktop, Documents, etc}, right click and choose print. It seems like a lot of steps but that will format it correctly and you can choose the printing size! 🙂 Let me know if you need any more help. Thanks! Kara

  3. Christine Reply

    Could you please tell me how to print a blank puzzle template? I would like to do a puzzle for a different version of Proverbs 3:5. Thank you!

  4. Deborah Reply

    Do you have the lesson from Cave Quest? Our church was given the material, but when I looked at the Bible Story part, the last pages of the first night story were missing. If you have them, would you be willing to share? I have pages 5-8.

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