Welcome back to another of my Frugal Cave Quest VBS Craft Ideas!  Make sure to check out the other ideas here.  I’m from Indiana, so we LOVE catching lightning bugs!  Growing up, we would use a baby food jar and dad would stab some holes in the lid with a knife so we had a lightning bug catching jar.  I wanted to use that idea for a VBS craft, so we’re going to make it slightly safer by removing the “stab some holes with a knife” step and instead let our kiddos use a hammer and nails to make holes in their lightning bug jar {don’t worry, we’ll be way overly supervised this night}.  And yes, I might be slightly crazy… perks of choosing a young director I suppose!

Cave Quest VBS Frugal Crafts: Lightning Bug Catching Jar - BorrowedBlessings.net

-Baby food jars or other small glass jars with lids
-Permanent markers
-Tags & string {optional}

I love the cute tag idea!  Click the photo for her tutorial.

I love the cute tag idea! Click the photo for her tutorial.

1. You could either use the hammer and nails to put holes in the baby food jars ahead of time or let the kids do it at VBS. {We should have plenty of adults so we’re going to make sure we have 1:1 adults and kids when we let the kids use hammers!}
2. Label the bottom of jar with kids’ name using a permanent marker.
3. Decorate the jar lid with permanent markers.
4. You could let the kiddos decorate the jar itself with foam stickers, sharpies or just leave the jar itself plain.
5. {Optional} Attach a tag on the jar with a bible verse like the picture.  You could have these pre-made or let the kids make them.

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  1. Roxanne Houppert Reply

    Thank you so much for your ideas . Can’t begin to tell you how I have struggled with craft ideas for this VBS Cave Quest. You are a life save. Bless you.

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