Welcome back to another of my Frugal Cave Quest VBS Craft Ideas!  Make sure to check out the other ideas here.  This craft was inspired by BalancingHome.com.  You can see the original tutorial here.  I love her burlap bag and tic tac toe idea, but she just has x and o on her rocks {you know, like a normal game of tic tac toe}… I thought it’d be more fun to spice it up and paint fun designs on the rocks {you obviously still need to have only 2 different patterns so the rocks function the same as x and o}.

Cave Quest VBS Frugal Crafts: Tic Tac Toe Game - BorrowedBlessings.net

-Burlap bags
-Permanent markers
-Rocks (10 per student)

Cave Quest VBS Frugal Crafts- Tic Tac Toe Game - BorrowedBlessings.net

Inspiration: Balancing Home

-Draw tic tac toe board on burlap bag with permanent marker {you could do this part ahead of time}
-Attach blank tag to burlap bag {for kid’s names}
-Give each kid a piece of paper {to use like a placemat}
-Write each kid’s name on tag of burlap bag and on their paper placemat
-Tell the kids to divide their rocks into 2 piles {5 rocks per pile}
-Paint all of one pile to match and all of the other pile to match
-Move their paper with all rocks and burlap bag to the floor or another room to dry
-Let rocks dry, then store all of them in the burlap bag

You’ll want to make the Tic Tac Toe Game by mid-week so you could let the rocks dry for a day then get them all bagged up for the kids and give them back before VBS ends.

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