Cave Quest Decorations - Chalk Marker Signs -

We used black cardstock paper and chalkboard markers to make fun chalk marker signs for Cave Quest VBS!  These signs will be used throughout the building for directional signs, decorations and even photo booth props!  They are a very inexpensive way to add personalized, colorful decor to your church.  You can also print or save a PDF of the instructions formatted for printing.

Black cardstock {8.5”x11”}
Chalk markers
Laminating sheets
Laminating machine

If you haven’t used chalk markers before, you have to write kind of slowly for them to work well. If they start to dry up, use a piece of scrap black paper and push the tip down a few times.  Write each saying below on one sheet of black cardstock paper.

Cave Quest VBS Decorating - Chalk Marker Signs -

We made all of our signs colorful and coordinated with the crew colors.  Here are some of the signs we made.  You could make any personalized crew names, signs, etc.

• Check in here
• Cave Quest
• Jesus gives us HOPE.
• Jesus gives us COURAGE.
• Jesus gives us DIRECTION.
• Jesus gives us LOVE.
• Jesus gives us HIS POWER.
• Crew 1 {use pink marker}
• Crew 2 {use blue marker}
• Crew 3 {use yellow marker}
• Crew 4 {use green marker}
• Preschool {use orange marker}
• Nursery & Toddler {use red marker}
• Prizes & Crafts for Donation {colorful}
• I love VBS!
• Jesus is the light of the world!
• O Lord, you alone are my hope. -Psalm 71:5
• Take courage. I am here! -Matthew 14:27
• He will show you which path to take. Proverbs 3:6
• We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us. -1 John 3:16
• Our great power is from God, not from ourselves. -2 Corinthians 4:7

Cave Quest VBS Decorating - Chalk Marker Signs -

After the signs are dry, place each one in a laminating sheet and laminate it. This step is optional, but the chalk marker does smear even once dry. If your signs are going to be handled at all or used by more than one group, I’d definitely suggest laminating.  I was told that spraying the signs with sealant or hair spray would keep the chalk from smearing.  I tried that, but mine still smeared.  I laminated all of our signs so we didn’t have to worry about this becoming at issue with small hands on everything!

Cave Quest VBS Decorating - Chalk Marker Signs -

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