Cave Quest Decorations - DIY Posters -

We used colored and black poster board to make fun DIY posters for Cave Quest VBS!  We bought a few poster sets from Oriental Trading and similar sites, but the posters we made were fairly quick and easy.  They are a very inexpensive way to add personalized, colorful decor to your church.  These signs will be used throughout the building for directional signs, decorations and even in the photo booth!  You can print or save a PDF of the instructions formatted for printing.  We purchased the poster board locally, but all other supplies through Amazon.

The Oriental Trading bulletin board set is optional, but we were very impressed with the amount of supplies included for about $10.  You can receive a coupon for $10 off plus free shipping with $49 purchase.

-Black poster board
-Neon poster board
Chalk markers
Black permanent markers or poster markers
Cave Quest bulletin board set {optional}
Double stick tape

Cave Quest Decorations - DIY Posters -

-Write bible verses on large bright colored poster board – use black markers {one verse on each sheet of posterboard, write large enough to fill the whole thing}

• Lord, you alone are my hope. -Psalm 71:5
• Take courage. I am here! -Matthew 14:27
• He will show you which path to take. Proverbs 3:6
• We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us. -1 John 3:16
• Our great power is from God, not from ourselves. -2 Corinthians 4:7

Cave Quest Decorations - DIY Posters -

-Write key bible points on large BLACK poster board – use NEON CHALK markers {one point on each sheet of poster board, write large enough to fill the whole thing}. The chalk markers are kind of hard to use… it’s best if you write slowly – push the tip down on scrap paper if you start to run out of ink. Be careful – the chalk marker will smear even once it’s dry!

• Jesus gives us hope.
• Jesus gives us courage.
• Jesus gives us direction.
• Jesus gives us love.
• Jesus gives us his power.

Cave Quest Decorations - DIY Posters -

-Use the bulletin board lettering set to make signs. If you don’t want to buy a bulletin board set, you could also use chalk markers or permanent markers for these.  We used double sided tape to attach the letters to the poster board.  I ordered a package with several rolls, then our crafts group used the tape for some of their activities.

• Photo Booth
• Follow Jesus
• Jesus is the Light of the World
• Welcome to VBS

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