As y’all may know, I’m a big fan of deals and free stuff.  This has merged with my obsession… er, love? of all things Amazon.  I’ve gotten some neat goodies since getting pregnant and one of my favorites has been the Amazon baby registry welcome box!  If you’re pregnant and have an Amazon Prime membership, you’re going to want to get in on this!

How to Get Your Free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box -

  1. Make an Amazon Baby Registry.
    Click here to start your baby registry.  You need to go through their “Jumpstart” tutorial and add at least one thing from each category {Pro tip: you can also click “mark this category complete” and it’ll give you the check mark without you having to actually add anything from that category.  You’re welcome.}.  Don’t stress about what you’re adding too much right now… you can always change it up later {and if you’re like me, your favorite maternity time spender will be changing your registry}.
  2. Purchase at least $10 from your registry.
    Let’s be real, baby mamas – this isn’t really a challenge at all.  You can wait until someone else makes a purchase, or you can get this show on the road and spend $10 on registry items yourself.  I’ll let you decide which I did {spoiler alert: patience is not my strong suit}.
  3. Add welcome box to your cart.
    Once the $10 you spent in step 2 ships, you’ll be able to order your FREE welcome box!  WOOHOOOOO!  Once you are eligible {you are a prime member, you have made a registry with at least one item from each category or marked the categories complete, you have ordered $10 from your registry, the $10 item(s) has shipped…} a link will magically appear from the Amazon gods at the left side of your registry that says something to the effect of “Order your magically free baby registry welcome box now”.  Click the link.  That’s really it.
  4. Wait impatiently for the welcome box to come.
    Optional: text your mom {the overly excited grandma-to-be} pictures of the welcome box as you celebrate your upcoming months of morning sickness and back pain {oh, and the baby!}.  My box included a bottle, pacifier and several other baby-related goodies!  The photo below is my actual box.  Yes, it included the tissue paper and everything – clearly Amazon knew how excited I’d be to receive my first official baby gift!

How to Get Your Free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box -

I am a regular {read: obsessive} Amazon shopper and I successfully got my free box following the steps above!  If you have any questions, let me know and I’ll try my best to answer them!  Amazon has all of their probably-more-helpful-than-mine FAQ here.  The whole process doesn’t take long.  I found out I was pregnant for sure on March 17 and I received my Amazon welcome box on March 25… not that I made a baby registry the same day I found out I was pregnant or anything, but…. yeah, I totally did.  No shame here!

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