Pregnancy Update: Gender Reveal -

My husband and I {okay, mostly me} wanted to splurge since this is our first baby and do an early gender reveal ultrasound!  We went to an elective ultrasound business at 16 weeks to find out the gender of our baby – and we invited our family to join us.  You may have caught on to our baby gender already by me dropping it throughout previous posts, but I just finished editing the ultrasound video.

Without further adieu… we are so excited to welcome a baby….

{scroll down for spoiler!}

are you totally excited to find out?!

don’t scroll down any more if you’re not ready to know!

We’re so excited to welcome our baby GIRL!!!  We would’ve been thrilled with either gender, but I’ve definitely been enjoying the pinker things in life lately.

Thanks for following along on our pregnancy journey!  We would love to have your prayers over the health and development of our baby GIRL! Check out all of our pregnancy updates and follow Borrowed Blessings at the top of the page.

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