Baby Name Reveal -

I am now 32 weeks pregnant.  We were elated to find out we were pregnant earlier this year, then found out baby was a GIRL back at about 16 weeks.  It took quite a while for us to decide on a name.  Our ideas included everything from traditional to more modern to totally unique names.  That being said, we found the name that we believe fits our baby girl perfectly… and the meaning is very special to us.



Thank you for sharing in our joy once again.  We’re so excited to have shared baby’s name with you!  We have called her by name around the house for a few weeks and I’ve been very, VERY careful not to slip and call her by name around others.

Thanks for following along on our pregnancy journey! 32 weeks down, 7 weeks to go {give or take a few weeks}.  We would love to have your prayers over the health and development of our little peanut! Check out all of our pregnancy updates and follow Borrowed Blessings at the top of the page.

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