Pregnancy Update Journal: 2nd Trimester Wrap Up

Okay, so I wrote this at the end of the 2nd trimester, but might have forgotten to post it right then {pregnancy brain, anyone?!}.  

2nd Trimester Starting Weight: 118ish lbs.
2nd Trimester Ending Weight: 132 lbs.
My weight definitely reflected my growing belly this trimester! Between my 20 and 24 week appointments, I gained 8 lbs. The doctor said this was healthy since I had lost weight during the first trimester, but it’s still a bit of a shock to have a big jump like that.

Highs & Lows {aka Happies & Crappies}:
At youth group, we share our highs and lows {which one of my besties calls happies and crappies}. This trimester was full of happies! We got to find out the baby’s gender {she is a SHE!} and got the nursery most of the way set up. My energy level was high through most of the 2nd trimester and my body wasn’t too huge yet. I started to get daily back aches toward the end of the 2nd trimester, but I’m thankful we got all moved into our new house and mostly unpacked before this set in! My favorite memories this trimester were finding out the baby’s gender, feeling and looking pregnant and feeling baby movement for the first time!

2nd Trimester Typical Day of Eating:
6:30am: Breakfast {Cereal, Muffin, Toaster Waffles, etc.}
9:30-10am: AM Snack {Apples & Peanut Butter}
12pm: Lunch {Pasta, burger meal}
2-3pm: PM Snack {Carrots, Chips – sometimes I skip this snack}
5:30-6:30pm: Dinner {Pretty much anything}
8:30pm: 2nd Dinner {a small meal/snack/dessert}

There you have it! My daily meals. Thankfully, my food aversions are pretty much gone and my appetite has returned at full force! During the 1st trimester, I didn’t want any sweets – especially chocolate. We’ve made up for lost time lately with LOTS of M&Ms, ice cream and brownies.

Pregnancy Update Journal: 2nd Trimester Wrap Up

As of the end of the 2nd trimester, I’m down to 1 Diclegis pill daily {before bed}. This is an anti-nausea medicine and it is (still) a godsend! I’ve gone a few days without taking it, but feel much better when I still have a small dose.

As of the end of the first trimester, I really hadn’t bought too many baby clothes yet {since we didn’t know gender}. We have gotten plenty more clothing and baby care items {some new and some used}. My most recent big gear purchase was a bouncer seat, rock-n-play and swing from a local family. Michael has started to question how the baby will possibly use all of this STUFF. I told him chances are the baby will like 1 or 2 things and despise the rest. I’m not sure how he’d possibly relate to living with someone that was temperamental about things! Haha!

I’m wearing maternity jeans all the time now. I can still wear a few pairs of athletic shorts that I had pre-pregnancy, but I’ve bought some larger lounge clothes (shorts and tshirts for around the house). It is incredible how comfortable Michael’s tshirts are! I’m officially past the point of squeezing into my fitted work shirts. I can still wear my normal tshirts for work, along with maternity jeans.

Journaling: HA.

How life has changed:
How is it seriously already the 3rd trimester?!
-EATING – My appetite is present and stronger than ever! I’m also craving lots of sweets.
-PILLOWS – I’m still sleeping with my pregnancy pillow and don’t know that I’ll ever give it up! We moved from a queen to a king sized bed this month and it is INCREDIBLE.
-SLEEP – Speak of sleeping, I do quite a bit of that these days. As in, I could sleep in, get up, eat breakfast, be productive for an hour, then go back to bed for a 2 hour nap and repeat. Some nights I make it all night without getting up. A lot of nights I get up at least once to go to the bathroom. I’m still sleeping really well, though! My aches and pains (thankfully) have not interrupted my sleep…. Yet.
-BEDTIME ROUTINE – My bedtime routine is pretty much the same as 1st trimester: late evening snack/dessert/small meal, medicines and several trips to the bathroom.
-ENERGY – My energy level was fantastic this trimester! It’s started to go downhill in just the last few weeks, but overall it has been complete bliss.

As it turns out, that whole 2nd trimester bliss thing is pretty legit. Energy levels were high, I’m not too uncomfortable physically… this whole being pregnant thing is pretty fun after all!

Pregnancy Update Journal: 2nd Trimester Wrap Up

Thanks for following along on our pregnancy journey!  We would love to have your prayers over the health and development of our little peanut! Check out all of our pregnancy updates and follow Borrowed Blessings at the top of the page.

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