The Maker Fun Factory curriculum is my favorite in YEARS.  I think the message speaks to the identity confusion that most (if not all) kids experience at some point or another.  The points shared through this curriculum are ones that we ALL will benefit from hearing and sharing!  I love that the Imagination Station activities reinforce the daily bible points, but I am a strong proponent of more old-school crafts rather than the gimmicky science gizmos that Group suggests using.  This robot craft is a much less expensive alternative to Group’s GUTSY Bears, but still reinforces the daily lessons.

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Robot building supplies
Tin cans {various sizes are fine}

-Robot building tools:
Duct tape (Make sure no sharp can edges poke/cut the kids!)
Sharpie markers
E6000 glue or Aleene’s tacky glue
—Scissors (adult scissors, kid’s scissors, fun scissors)

-Embellishments to add to tin cans:
Googly eyes
Pipe cleaners
Bottle caps
Party toothpicks
Washi tape
Cardstock paper
Nuts & bolts
Flat back rhinestones or beads (Even robots need a little bling, right?!)
Pom pom balls

Optional robot filler:
Potting soil
Flower seed
Grass seed

The message behind the GUTSY Bears is that GOD MADE YOU, and that He made each of us purposefully unique!  This same concept can be discussed using the tin can robots – God made each of us.  Kids can think about how God designed them as they design each aspect of the tin can robot, from the type of eyes and eye color, to the hair and other decorations.  

Robot building instructions
1. The first (and probably most important) step is to check for any sharp edges on the top ring of the cans!  You can add a strip of duct tape around the edge if there are sharp edges (or if you just want to be extra careful).  If you don’t want to worry about the sharp edges, you can use metal pails.

2. Next, make sure kids put their names somewhere on the tin can.

3. The fun part: decorate your robot anyway you want!  3 eyes and a mustache? Go for it!  Kids can embellish the robots with everything from stickers to coloring with permanent markers to gluing on feathers.  This is a great chance to let your kids’ imagination run wild!  Make sure to reiterate that God takes joy in designing us, just as we have fun designing these robots.  And just as each of the robots are extremely unique, God makes each of us unique!

4. If you want your robots to grow “hair” over time, you can add potting soil and flower or grass seeds {again – we are all unique on the inside}.  Kids can also choose to leave the inside of the tin can empty and use it as a pen holder or small storage container.

I am a long-time Vacation Bible School lover.  I’ve lead in several capacities throughout the VBS world and am currently our church’s VBS director.  It is a joy for me to be able to share VBS ideas and resources with others!  I will continue to share ideas here as we prepare for Maker Fun FactoryVBS .  Follow the blog to see more of our ideas and planning!  Please let me know if there are any specific VBS items or ideas you need help with!

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