I am not super crazy about the God sighting lights on stage with this year’s VBS curriculum, so I came up with a fast, easy and colorful alternative!

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Giant Gear Decorations
Adhesive Gear Labels
Permanent Markers

1. Make several giant gear decorations (they’re about $1 each and super easy to make).

2. Hang the giant gears in your God sighting area.  We’re going to let crews discuss God sightings after they eat snack (in the snack area), so we’re hanging several gears in the snack room (which is our fellowship hall).

3. Each evening, leave permanent markers and adhesive gear labels for each crew.  You could leave them on the snack tables or put them in the crew guide bags.

4. After crews are finished eating their snack, each guide should lead their table in a discussion about God sightings.  Anyone who wants to share a God sighting can write a brief description on the gear label, then go stick it on one of the giant gears hanging on the wall.

Easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy!  The total cost of this project for 100 students would be about $30 if every student shared something all five days of VBS ($30 includes 5 table covers and 5 rolls of labels).

I am a long-time Vacation Bible School lover.  I’ve lead in several capacities throughout the VBS world and am currently our church’s VBS director.  It is a joy for me to be able to share VBS ideas and resources with others!  I will continue to share ideas here as we prepare for Maker Fun Factory VBS .  Follow the blog to see more of our ideas and planning!  Please let me know if there are any specific VBS items or ideas you need help with.

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