Where to Find Ideas & Inspiration for Shipwrecked VBS

I used to get the Vacation Bible School material in the Spring, then I would brainstorm as many new and innovative ideas as I could to relate to the theme.  As someone once told me, “work smarter, not harder”.  Don’t get me wrong — I still love the fun, innovative VBS ideas (and I try to share them with you all!).  I also take advantage of modern technology (hello, Pinterest) to help come up with ideas our VBS kids have never seen.  Here are some of the ways I’ve already found TONS of ideas that relate to Shipwrecked VBS…

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  1. Follow Borrowed Blessings on Pinterest.  I’ll share ideas here for the next nine months or so!  Follow me here on the blog as well as on Pinterest to make sure you receive all of the pinspiration.  Are you inspired yet?!
  2. Visit another church using Shipwrecked VBS.  If your church (like mine) does an early VBS, this won’t work for you.  If your VBS is later in the summer, find another church using Shipwrecked VBS and visit while they are decorated up!  You may create a great partnership for sharing ideas as well as supplies and decorations!
  3. Join the Facebook group.  There is a Facebook group for Shipwrecked VBS and it’s a FANTASTIC idea forum!  I’m so glad I had this resource the last few years.
  4. Search by past VBS themes.  Although Group never repeats the same theme, you can often find a similar theme from another publishing company… once you know the name of other similar VBS programs, you can find ideas and pictures of past activities!  For the 2018 Shipwrecked theme from Group, try searching for SonTreasure Island VBS (it was produced by Gospel Light in 2014).  The programs won’t be identical, but you can sure find decorating/snack/game ideas!  You can also search now for clearance items from other VBS programs that are close enough to use… Oriental Trading has some of their luau themed VBS supplies on clearance right now!
  5. Search by birthday party themes.  Lots of companies make supplies for themed kid’s birthday parties… you can often search party store websites for ideas.  Try looking at Party City (or another party store) — themes could be island, sea life, boats, beach, luau… you never know what you may find!  If you look at luau/beach themed things at the end of the summer, you may be able to find some great deals!
  6. Search by movies/tv shows.  There are movies or TV shows that relate to pretty much anything… the first Shipwrecked-ish show that comes to mind is Gilligan’s Island.  Search for Gilligan’s Island party ideas and you’re guaranteed to get thousands of new ideas!

Do you have other ways to find Shipwrecked ideas and inspiration?  I’d love to hear them!  Thanks for visiting Borrowed Blessings.  Make sure to follow us (at the top of the page) for lots more Shipwrecked VBS ideas!

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  1. Beverley Reply

    Any ideas on an alternate for Imagination Station Day 4 Ready Rescuer?

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