DIY Stained Glass Cross Craft

Welcome back to another of my frugal VBS craft ideas!  Make sure to check out the other ideas here.  The super official name of this is the stained glass art thingy.  I found a photo for inspiration on Pinterest, but it was a discontinued item at Concordia.  This craft would be fun and easy with any VBS, so I’ve come up with instructions.

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Black construction paper circles
Silver permanent markers
Contact paper
Tissue paper squares
Hole punch
Liquid glue

Cave Quest VBS Frugal Crafts: Stained Glass Art -

Source: Pinterest


1. Cut black construction paper circles – 8”ish each {2 per kid} – do this ahead of time.
Write bible verse on half of the black construction paper circles. – “Oh Lord, you alone are my hope.” -Psalm 71:5
2. Cut black construction paper crosses {1 per kid}.
3. Cut ribbon into 12”ish pieces – do this ahead of time {1 ribbon per kid}.
4. Cut contact paper into squares a few inches larger than the construction paper circles – do this ahead of time {2 squares per kid}.
5. At VBS: Lay out one piece of contact paper, sticky side up.
6. Place one black construction paper circle on the contact paper.
7. Place the cross in the middle of the circle.
8. Decorate inside the circle by sticking pieces of tissue paper onto the sticky contact paper.
9. Once the circle is filled with tissue paper squares, put a line of glue all the way around the 1st black construction paper circle.
10. Lay the 2nd construction paper circle on top of the 1st construction paper circle and add the kiddo’s name with a silver permanent marker.
11. Cover the whole thing with the 2nd sheet of contact paper {sticky side down}.
12. Cut out the stained glass thingy around the edge of the circle.
13. Use the hole punch to add a hole to the top.
14. Tie a ribbon through the hole so the stained glass thingy can hang.

Thanks for visiting!  Have you ever made similar stained glass art?  Make sure to follow Borrowed Blessings at the top of the page for more VBS ideas! 

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