Did you see the Giant Gear Decorations post earlier?  I’ve had some great feedback and ideas from other VBS leaders and have another table cover-based gear idea to share.  Get excited – this is another decorating for a dollar idea!  We are going to use the table cover method to make floor decals {think stepping stones, except obviously not made of stone}.

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Table covers
Plastic carpet protector
Permanent Markers

1. Purchase rectangle disposable table covers (typically 54″x108″).  Cut each table cover into 12″ squares (I folded mine and cut several layers at once).  One table cover will make 36 gears that are each 12″ across.

2. Make a stack of three or four 12″ squares.  Fold this stack in half then in half again (so you have a smaller square).  Cut the loose edges in a semi-circle shape.  (For a better description of this step, go to https://sew4home.com/tips-resources/sewing-tips-tricks/make-and-measure-circle-without-pattern — skip down to the section titled “The Folded Quarters Method”.)  Repeat this step until all of your 12″ squares have been cut into circles.

3. Using the same method as the Giant Gear Decorations, cut these squares into gear shapes.  You’ll have to adjust your spoke size.  I just eyeballed it, so I had gears with different sized spokes.

4. Decorate the gears with permanent markers.  You can write bible verses, daily bible points, crew numbers, you name it!  These can be used individually (like at the end of a pew for a crew number/name) or a bunch of them together (like stepping stones that will lead you to the story area).

5. Lay each gear on the floor where you want it to stay, then cover it with clear self-adhesive carpet protector.  The carpet protector will hold the gear to the floor without damaging the carpet.

How easy are these floor decals?!  If you purchase one roll of carpet protector and 12 table covers, your project cost would be about $48.  With those materials, you could make a whopping 400 (!) 12″ gear floor decals covered in clear floor protector (that’s about 12 cents each).

I am a long-time Vacation Bible School lover.  I’ve lead in several capacities throughout the VBS world and am currently our church’s VBS director.  It is a joy for me to be able to share VBS ideas and resources with others!  I will continue to share ideas here as we prepare for Maker Fun Factory VBS .  Follow the blog to see more of our ideas and planning!  Please let me know if there are any specific VBS items or ideas you need help with.

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  1. Chrissy Reply

    Hi Kara, wow, this could be a big money-saver! We don’t have carpet in some areas of our church where we’d like to use floor decals. We have linoleum-type tile. Do you think that carpet protector would stick to that kind of flooring?

  2. Rachel Reply

    I am confused.
    You are starting w a square, not a circle.
    And you can’t use the same instructions as the giant gear decorations bc of the difference in size.

    • Borrowed Blessings {Kara}

      Hi Rachel!

      Sorry if the instructions weren’t clear – I’ve updated them with more detail! You will cut the 12″ squares into circles before cutting the gear spokes. You’ll have to make the spokes smaller than with the giant gears. I free handed each set so that I had some different sizes, but you could easily make a pattern so they’re all the same size! Hope this helps.


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