We are so excited to share our new home with you!  Here are some pre-renovation pictures along with our plans for the future.


The exterior of the house is in good condition and really won’t change.  We’ll just clean it up a bit and add some security features.


The interior of the house is in good livable condition, but has a bad layout and a few necessary upgrades & repairs.  Everything will receive a good coat of paint.

Dining Room

The dining room is a good size and doesn’t need too many repairs.  The hardwood floors are real but rough, so they will be refinished.  We’ll make the wall between the kitchen and dining room half height to increase visibility and really open up the feeling of the space.


The kitchen wall that backs up to the dining room {which currently has the stove} will be a half-height wall.  The stove will be moved so that wall will only have cabinets.  The kitchen is also going to have an added pantry/refrigerator wall.  All of the cabinets will get a fresh coat of paint, a la Joanna Gaines.

Living Room

The living rooms needs nearly nothing.  We’re just going to replace the tile inside the front door and freshen up the light fixture.

Guest/Kids Bathroom

The guest/future kids bathroom is one of the rougher areas.  Both of the bathrooms have had slight water leaks in the showers and will be getting completely gutted.  We won’t look behind that shower curtain… you’re welcome.  {It’s really not THAT bad…. but not exactly an inviting retreat either.}  New subfloor, shower/tub, toilet and vanity will complete this room.  AKA: This room is getting a top-to-bottom, wall-to-wall {including the walls} makeover.

Guest Bedroom

The current master bedroom will become a guest/kids bedroom.  It has this GLORIOUS walk in closet now, which will be transformed into additional space for the storage room on the back side of the closet wall {don’t worry – it’ll still have a good sized closet!}.


There are currently three smaller bedrooms plus a bonus room.  I am excited that this will be our future nursery {ahhh! YAY}.  It also has a super cute closet.

Master Bedroom

The remaining two small bedrooms will be combined to create the {drumroll please…..} new master suite!  We’re still working out the details of the layout {hello, new closet} but there will be new lighting, paint and will include some super fun demolition!  I absolutely love the existing closet {aren’t they adorable?!} so I’m trying to work those into the plan.  My absolute favorite place in the house is that window seat.  I’ve already had several quiet moments with God and my furbabies perched by the window.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom, like the kids/guest bathroom, will get gutted and new fixtures.  The vanity is in amazingly good condition on the inside.  I’m going to try and remove the nail polish from the previous renters… if anyone has any great insight on this challenge, let me know!

Utility/Storage Rooms

The utility room and storage room are connected and will get a lot of cleanup.  They’re functional, but dirty.  That absolutely dis-gus-ting second photo {that I nearly didn’t share with you} is one of the walls in the storage room.  It’ll obviously get replaced.  The house did come with a solid collection of half-used paint cans {talk about a deal, huh!}.

Bonus Room/Kids Bedroom

The bonus room has a great closet {that’s going to be demolished for the creation of a hallway}.  This room will stay as an office/kids bedroom.  Since it’s losing the closet, we’ll build a new closet.



The final space in the home is the basement.  It’s a great unfinished space.  We don’t have space in the budget to finish out this are now, but I’m excited to see how this gets transformed over time!

For now, we’re using it as work space.  It’s already come in super handy for storage and renovation material prep work.

That’s it… welcome to our home!  It’s not perfect, and it sure is going to need LOTS of love {aka money/work}, but we’re looking forward to sharing this journey with each other and with you!