Rescued by Jesus Canvas Painting (Shipwrecked Imagination Station Alternative: Day 2)

I love canvas painting… it’s a high-quality craft that doesn’t use many materials!  These Rescued by Jesus canvas paintings are a fun craft alternative for the Shipwrecked VBS Imagination Station gizmo on day 2.

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This year’s VBS theme is Shipwrecked {learn more about the theme here}.  The VBS kits are available now.  All of our VBS resources are designed to be used alongside any of the Group starter kits, although I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the ultimate version with digital.

During the Imagination Station rotation, students participate in an object lesson using a small toy, or what Group calls a “gizmo”.  These gizmos can be taken home by the kids each day to reinforce the lesson.  In this Imagination Station Alternative series, I’ll track down crafts that can be used in place of Group’s gizmos.  Day 2’s gizmo is the Hopper Stopper.  Here is my craft alternative for day 2 of Shipwrecked VBS!  Check back for more posts on gizmo and craft alternatives for the week!

Daily Bible Point: When you worry, Jesus rescues.

Today’s Group Gizmo: Hopper Stopper $.69 per kid

Group Gizmo’s purpose: Worry is like friction – it slows us down and gets us stuck (just like the pencil gets stuck in the rice and the toucan can’t slide down the string smoothly).  However, Jesus always rescues us – even when you worry.


Blank canvas boards or canvases
Acrylic paint
Foam paint brushes
Black permanent markers
Metallic permanent markers
Anchor stencil 
Adhesive spray
Clear glitter


1. Before VBS starts, either purchase anchor stencils or make them. (To make your own stencils, laminate an empty laminating sleeve.  Cut it out with a Silhouette Cameo or similar machine, then if you’d like you can spray the back with adhesive spray.)

2. Give each student a blank canvas.  Have them write their name on the back of the frame with a permanent marker.

3. Instruct the kids to paint the entire canvas light to medium shades of blue.  I made two samples… one with waves and one with just several shades of blue painted straight across the canvas.  It’s easier to start at the top of the canvas.  I also painted all 4 edges of the canvas.

4. Optional: If kids want to, they can sprinkle a little glitter over the canvas while the paint is still wet.  (The canvas on the left in the photo below has a light coating of glitter.) This is the last step the kids will do during the Imagination Station rotation.

5. (This step can either be completed by your adult volunteers or by kids on another evening during Imagination Station.) Once the background shades of blue are dry, use your stencil to paint a navy blue/black anchor.  You can add the canvas straight or at an angle.

6. After the anchor is completely dry, your adults can add a quote to the anchor with a metallic permanent marker.  (For instance, you could write “Rescued by Jesus”, “Jesus Rescues”, “The Lord comes to my rescue. -Psalm 34:19”, “Do not worry”, etc.)

What day 2 craft alternatives have you found for Shipwrecked VBS?

I am a long-time Vacation Bible School lover.  I’ve lead in several capacities throughout the VBS world and am currently our church’s VBS director.  It is a joy for me to be able to share VBS ideas and resources with others!  I will continue to share VBS ideas here as we prepare for Shipwrecked VBS.  Follow the blog to see more of our ideas and planning!  Please let me know if there are any specific VBS items or ideas you need help with!

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    This post is very helpfil. I can’t find an alternative to the exploding paint. HELP!

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