Roar VBS: “God is Good” Watercolor Painting

These watercolor paintings are easy and fun for any age group! Plus, they’re a great Imagination Station alternative for day 5 of Roar VBS.

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Watercolor paper
White crayons
Watercolor paints
Large paint brushes

In Imagination Station on day 5, kids use the Disappearing Dippers ($.89 each). The words are the card seem to disappear and reappear. The purpose of the Disappearing Dipper is that God is always with us, even when we can’t see him (just like the pictures on the card). Likewise, the words on our watercolor painting will start out invisible, but will appear once painted over.


  • Give each kid a piece of watercolor paper. (I tested this craft with regular cardstock paper, as well as watercolor paper, to see if I could save money by using cardstock. However, the craft did NOT work well with cardstock. I would definitely advise ordering actual watercolor paper. If funds are tight, you can cut the 9×12 sheets in half.)
  • Let kids write the bible verse, bible point or a VBS message (like “God is Good”) on their watercolor paper using a white crayon. (If you are doing this craft with toddler or preschool kiddos, I would definitely write the message ahead of time and just let them paint over the top. My 2 year old daughter painted the watercolor paper without much help from me… although she was a little water happy! Keep an eye on how much water your young kiddos are using… the more water they use, the more the paper may warp as it dries.)
  • Have kids paint the entire paper. The watercolor paints come with very small paint brushes, but larger paint brushes worked much better for us. (Don’t worry if your words don’t show well at first. I was worried that the craft wasn’t working because the words weren’t showing well while my daughter was painting. However, as the paint dried, the words became very clear.)

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